Bison Pumps Manual Well Pump for Grid-Down Scenarios

When we decided to add manual pumping capability to our electric pump well, it came down to two alternatives — the Simple Pump or the Bison Pump. Both are designed for different uses, so one is not necessarily “better” than the other. They are, however, very different. We chose the Bison pump. Before we discuss the Bison pump, let’s look at the Simple pump.

The well and pump company that we use — Trentham Well Drilling in Orange City, Florida — has installed a number of Simple pumps over the years and has had very good results with them. The Simple pump is significantly cheaper than the Bison pump. The Simple pump is also designed to be fairly easy to install by a reasonably skilled homeowner with a helper rather than needing to be installed using professional equipment. The Simple pump might be a good choice if you want to have a complete system stored away in case it is needed in the future. The video instructions.

on the Simple Pump web site show how to install it. The drop pipe is lightweight plastic and the sucker rod is thin fiberglass that can easily flex to make assembly easy. That is great if you have to install it yourself without the tools of a professional pump company. The same light weight and component flexibility that make it easy to install also mean that it clearly lacks the solid design and construction of the Bison Pump
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Where the Simple Pump is light weight and easy to work with, the Bison Pump is solid and very heavy duty. Everything about it is top quality and it is obvious that they spared no expense in making this the best hand pump available. The workmanship is flawless — welds are smooth and solid; machined parts are finished to a nice polish; moving parts work very smoothly. The material for the main pump body and the pump cylinder is solid stainless steel; the valve at the spout is brass (or bronze); the sucker rod is solid stainless steel; the drop pipe is Schedule 120 PVC. There is nothing that can rust, corrode, or deteriorate. For a hand pump installation that should last a lifetime, the Bison Pump is the hands-down winner. This is the kind of solid made-in-America craftsmanship that this country used to be famous for.

The Bison pump is not cheap (pricing information here). It is a piece of equipment that is built to last a lifetime, made from the best materials available, and designed and built by folks who truly know what they’re doing. There are some things in life where it makes sense to cut corners to save money. Bison does not cut any corners making their pumps, and when it comes to providing your family with a dependable source of clean drinking water, you shouldn’t cut corners either.

Deep water hand pump can avert disaster in a power outage

Deep Well Hand Water Pump Installation Bison Pumps
Deep Water Hand Pump
The right deep well hand pump can be one of the most important pieces of equipment on a modern ranch or homestead. In the event of a power blackout—including a generator failure or even a major natural disaster—a hand-powered pump can provide life-saving access to water.

A Standard Deep Well hand pump from Bison Pumps can be used as a backup to an electric pump, providing access to well water when the electric power goes out. Bison Pumps can be installed alongside or in-line with your current electric submersible pump. The high quality pump is hand-crafted in the USA for years of dependable service. It even comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

The pump’s stainless steel lift rod is FDA approved for potable water, and the tensile strength of the stainless steel is vastly superior to fiberglass. The entire pump is constructed of stainless steel, TIG-welded, and hand-polished to a mirror finish.

Bison Pumps makes a wide variety of hand-operated well pumps, including the Bison Shallow Well Hand Pump (Model 1900) that’s perfect for pressurizing a water tank. Bison also sells all the accessories needed for proper pump installations. For more information about pumps and accessories including pricing, technical support and finding the nearest dealer. OR visit Bison Pumps website.


Power of Water in Your Hands

The mission of Bison Pumps is to provide our customers with a quality, durable and affordable handcrafted hand water pump that will serve them with years of dependable, uninter-rupted access to their precious water supply. Why Choose a Bison Pumps? Bison Pumps offers shallow and deep well hand pumps which work alongside most electric pumps. Made from potable water approved (NSF61) materials, they can reach depths of 300'​ with (4) cylinder sizes ranging from 1 1/2"​ - 3"​. Bison Pumps may be used to pressurize tanks or to pump uphill. All our hand pumps come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects. Available to you is a large dealer network in the United States and others across the globe. At Bison Pumps, you will find the sales staff helpful and friendly and the technical support staff able to answer questions and customize a hand pump to fit your application. Best of all, Bison Pumps are Made in the USA. Tech Support When we receive calls about our hand pumps, typically they fall into one of two categories; 1) inaccurate measuring resulting in incorrect product selection or installation issues. Shallow Well Questions I am not getting any water. Recheck static water level. Be sure it does not exceed the 25′ vertical lift from the top of the water to the base of the pump. Be sure all suction line fittings are tight and secure (leak-free). If you continue to have problems, call Bison Tech Support (800-339-2601). I am getting water but then it stops. You have drawn the water down beyond the 25′ maximum suction level. Handle won’t go all the way down (or it feels spongy). You may have an air lock in the suction line. Be sure that you have removed the brass hose bibb cap on the spout. Be sure there are no obstructions or blockages in the suction line. Bison ~~ Water~~ Pumps`​`​`​`​**`​=@>>1___800<<​!!339<<​!!2601>!!!!@@= Bison Pumps?​>>@Bison Pumps!!!<<​??


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