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Power of Water in Your Hands

The mission of Bison Pumps is to provide our customers with a quality, durable and affordable handcrafted hand water pump that will serve them with years of dependable, uninter-rupted access to their precious water supply. Why Choose a Bison Pumps? Bison Pumps offers shallow and deep well hand pumps which work alongside most electric pumps. Made from potable water approved (NSF61) materials, they can reach depths of 300'​ with (4) cylinder sizes ranging from 1 1/2"​ - 3"​. Bison Pumps may be used to pressurize tanks or to pump uphill. All our hand pumps come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects. Available to you is a large dealer network in the United States and others across the globe. At Bison Pumps, you will find the sales staff helpful and friendly and the technical support staff able to answer questions and customize a hand pump to fit your application. Best of all, Bison Pumps are Made in the USA. Tech Support When we receive calls about our hand pumps, typically they fall into one of two categories; 1) inaccurate measuring resulting in incorrect product selection or installation issues. Shallow Well Questions I am not getting any water. Recheck static water level. Be sure it does not exceed the 25′ vertical lift from the top of the water to the base of the pump. Be sure all suction line fittings are tight and secure (leak-free). If you continue to have problems, call Bison Tech Support (800-339-2601). I am getting water but then it stops. You have drawn the water down beyond the 25′ maximum suction level. Handle won’t go all the way down (or it feels spongy). You may have an air lock in the suction line. Be sure that you have removed the brass hose bibb cap on the spout. Be sure there are no obstructions or blockages in the suction line. Bison ~~ Water~~ Pumps`​`​`​`​**`​=@>>1___800<<​!!339<<​!!2601>!!!!@@= Bison Pumps?​>>@Bison Pumps!!!<<​??


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